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5 à 7 bandpoésie at Casa

The FVA always makes its 5 à 7 shows free so more people can enjoy them and so we can present new voices and take risks. This year there’s something new. The 5 à 7 are now a series we’re calling “bandpoésie” (poetrybands) because we wanted to twin music groups with poets. The idea is to have a band accompany a poet for 2 or 3 texts, and then the poet writes a short text for the band. We’re still mulling it over, so the concept has to stay flexible (cool, since we’ve already made a few adjustments for the band composed entirely of poets, the poet who already had a band, and our artistic director who will be involved). But it’s a yummy idea and we want to pursue it. So to all you bands out there who’d like to work with a poet — show yourselves!

February 2

5:00 pm

Jérémi Mourand

In French. In 2002, in despair over his guitar playing, Jérémi Mourand formed the four-piece trash-rock band that now bears his name and continued his quest for the killer line. His guest is the prolific and nonchalant multi-instrumentalist Navet Confit, who admits he records whatever comes into his head. His specialty is odes to insignificance, swinging from new music, grunge and rock to pure pop and folk, all with a psychedelic backbeat he openly embraces.

February 3

5:00 pm

Ensemble Kesdjan

In French. Justin Evans, Michel Meunier, Pascal Langlais, Léon Lo and Éric Gingras bring their multiple talents and a wealth of influences to Ensemble Kesdjan. Free jazz to noise, soul to eastern music, folk to hip-hop, and no waiting. Rapper Khyro is a key member of the group. On stage he lives the emotion as it happens, and he doesn’t hold back when a freestyle explosion overtakes him.

February 4

5:00 pm


In French. Since its founding in Montreal in 1998 by Kiya and Ziya Tabassian, Constantinople has devoted itself to finding a new and creative approach to interpreting Medieval and Renaissance music, and the vocal traditions of Europe, the East and even the New World. They are passionate about world music as well, to which they bring both freedom and discipline. Poet José Acquelin was a natural partner. Together, they are a pure expression of the concept we were looking for.

February 5

5:00 pm

Fidel Castrol

In French. This band, on the other hand, is a complete betrayal of our idea, since Fidel Castrol is made up almost entirely of poets. Like wolf pups, they describe themselves with a list of distinguishing features (reproduced here in their entirety). Sébastien Boulanger-Gagnon: “m’orgue”, sampling, slam, hard drugs. Maxime Catellier: insults, broken guitar, hunting shirt, tambourine. Shawn Cotton: slack bass, beat poetry, young Adonis, crooner. JP Tremblay: drums, pots and cushions, Xmas song. JP Catellier: insults, metal guitar, Beck double, the other guy’s brother. Danny Plourde: insults, guitar, harmonica, alcoholism and, um… censored!

February 6

5:00 pm

Paul Cargnello

Free admission

Bilingual. Paul Cargnello’s career began in his teens. Influenced by political movements, a powerful lyricism and an eclectic mix of musical styles, he has remained faithful to Montreal. In the midst of all our political cynicism, Paul Cargnello is as solid as a rock in his commitment to the cause. His latest album, Brûler le Jour, was written almost entirely in French, with only one song in his native English. The guest of this strange multi-instrumentalist will be rapper Ol1ku. Born in Cameroon, raised in France, he has been living in Montreal since 2000.

February 7

5:00 pm


K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O.: Gilles Robert, Jonathan Parant, Alexandre St-Onge, Alexander Wilson

Free admission

In French. Jonathan Parant, Alexandre St-Onge and Alexander Wilson have years of experience, play with a wide range of groups, and are known for their originality and disciplined approach. But when it comes time to describe them, they’re a bit enigmatic! Apparently it’s in the cards: one medium is not enough for the members of K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. They play with the matter of being, then flow with the irreversible in the triumphant return of the venerable Gilles Robert. Hmm. Gilles Robert is their guest of honour. Smells a lot like pseudonym to us!

February 8

5:00 pm


Free admission

In French. Magnolia is Mélanie Auclair’s group, the same Mélanie Auclair who has played cello with names like Michel Rivard, Robert Charlebois, Chloé Ste-Marie and Lhasa De Sela. This more personal project lets her present some gems of folk music tinged with a sweet melancholy. Mélanie is also an amazing improv musician, one of the rare women working in the Ligue d’Improvisation Musicale. She agreed to be part of this series because she wanted to work with D. Kimm — who is always hesitant to book herself into her own festival. They tried to find another way to do it and nothing worked, so D. Kimm gave in (anyway, she really wanted to, and who cares what people say!)