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Festival Voix d’Amériques (Édition 2006)

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Five years old and all of its teeth!

Nouvelle rédigée le samedi 18 février 2006

The 5th edition of the Festival Voix d’Amériques (FVA), February 10 to 17, 2006, was a roaring success—proof once again that celebrating oral literature, text performance and spoken word belongs in Montréal.

The Festival gambled and won on its guest of honour, Tomson Highway, hitherto unknown to Francophones here. Recognized around the world as the best Aboriginal writer in Canada and certainly one of its best playwrights, Tomson Highway is a stranger to Quebec no longer. Audiences were delighted with his stories—both epic and emotional, as well as his songwriting, performed by one of the revelations of this year’s FVA, the young singer and actor Patricia Cano.

Spoken word, music… and daring, always daring!

Nouvelle rédigée le mardi 10 janvier 2006

Every winter for the past five years, Montreal has been celebrating oral literature, text performance and spoken word. This year’s Festival Voix d’Amériques (FVA), presented by Les Filles électriques, takes place February 10 to 17, 2006 with special guest Tomson Highway.