Les Filles électriques and D. Kimm would like to extend a warm thank you to all the artists who are participating in the festival, and to the team who helped build it: coordinator for English part Ian Ferrier, Public relations coordinator Marie Marais, graphic designer Jean-François Denis, translator Christine York, André Lemelin for the internet site, and to Dubref for capturing the festival on video.

Thanks as well to the Directors Board of Les Filles électriques: Jean-François Denis, Daniel Payette, Danièle Racine, Jean Régnier and D. Kimm.

A special thanks to Carole Boucher, Germain Lefebvre, Monique Ouellet, Brigitte Malenfant, Christine Germain, Michel Garneau, Mauro Pezzente and Kiva Stimac and Frank Opolko whose years of interest and attention to the evolution of spoken word are carving a place for it in our culture.

Thank you to Jacques Olek for giving us the boost we need to climb higher.

And a huge thank you — a thank you that even poets can’t find the words for — to Jean-François Denis.